Clearwater Lodge Guides

Clearwater Lodge is associated with an exceptional network of guides. They are all accomplished anglers as well as patient teachers and pleasant companions for a day on the water. Many returning guests request the same guide they previously fished with year after year. This entire team is arguably the best group of guides in the west with years of experience guiding in Northern California for trout and steelhead.

Ryan Avezzi

Ryan grew up on the waters of Northern California as a conventional fisherman. In his 20’s he discovered fly fishing and has never looked back! A former firefighter, Ryan joined the Clearwater team in 2018 and brings a passion for teaching to every single guide day. His gentle spirit and easy smile bring guests back to him year after year. When not out hunting or fishing or enjoying the outdoors, Ryan is at home loving every second of being a dad and family man.

Joel Fenton

Born and raised in Redding, California Joel has a lifelong affinity to being outdoors. He spent his childhood running around the mountains and rivers of Northern California perfecting his casting skills and learning as much as he could about trout and their habitat. This obsession led him to follow his dream and purse a career in fly fishing. Joel has an easy going personality, and his knowledgeable style of guiding is complimented by his infectious humor. Whether by boat or by steam you will come away with better skills and great memories. When Joel is not chasing trout and steelhead, he is tying flies, bird hunting or on a chairlift enjoying some fresh powder.

Jackson Mettler

A member of the 2020 Clearwater Guide School, Jackson has been behind a fly rod most of his life. Originally from the Central Valley of California, he is a recent graduate from Colorado Christian University. After spending most of his life fly fishing and learning for himself, Jackson realized he loved getting people on fish and helping them explore the land and what it has to offer. Catering to the guest experience is important to Jackson as he understands it is often a vacation along with a fishing trip. He enjoys finding new techniques to fish and teach others how to fish better as well knowing many people come for knowledge along with getting some tight lines. In his free time, Jackson is a dirt bike rider, rock climber, mountaineer, and hunter. He spends spends the Fall months guiding elk and deer hunts.

David Neal

David Neal attended the Clearwater Guide School in 2002 and went on to develop a successful spring and summer guide service business in Mammoth Lakes along with guiding steelhead anglers on the Trinity River in the winter. He is the epitome of a professional guide – acutely fishy, exceptionally patient, and always encouraging. Dave enjoys teaching new skills and focuses on always having a fun day on the water. Dave recently relocated with his wife and daughter to Redding to be closer to the amazing northern CA rivers he loves so much. We are happy to have him join our team this year at Clearwater Lodge!

Brooks Provence

Brooks grew up in Redding and has been fishing local creeks and rivers for wild trout for the past 4 years. A 2015 graduate of the Clearwater Guide class of Young Guns, he loves swinging for steelhead as well as fishing local rivers, creeks and lakes. Brooks uses wonderful creativity to teach his clients techniques for catching trout in all situations. He also is a prolific fly tyer and prefers to have guests use his own flies and patterns when fishing with him. Brooks’ easy going style and quick smile make him a favorite of Clearwater guests. (Fun Fact: A Clearwater guest gave Brooks his nickname “Enrique” - when you meet him, you’ll get it!)

Andrew Rossow

Andrew “Fuzz” Rossow is a graduate of the 2016 Clearwater Guide Class of Young Guns. A Montana native, his love of fly fishing began on Hat Creek when he was just 12 years old and fishing weekends with his father.

His exploration of area waters taught him the diversity and complexity of our varying watersheds and continue to lure him out for a day of angling any time the opportunity presents itself. Guests who join Fuzz on the water for a day will walk away with more than just a few fish under their belt. They will experience the joy of angling and becoming a part of nature.

A former fly fishing department manager, Andrew has deep knowledge of equipment, tackle and flies and enjoys teaching tactics that can be applied away from the Lodge on your own local waters.

Scott Saiki

Scott came to Clearwater in 1993 on an internship from Humboldt State University. He immediately distinguished himself as an exceptional guide and has established a loyal base of fishing clientele who value his ability to work with anglers of any skill level. Whether on Clearwater home waters, the Lower Sac or Trinity River, Scott distinguishes himself with his exceptional teaching skills and ability to put clients on fish. His skill extends to his "other" job as a full time 5th grade teacher in Redding, CA.

Colton Schwenning

Colton is a Redding native and a 2016 graduate of the Clearwater Guide Class of Young Guns. He has been fly fishing local creeks and rivers for the last 6 years and loves challenging the elements swinging for steelhead during the winter months. Colton is a very creative and easy going individual. He spends a lot of time tying his own flies and experimenting with his own fly patterns. In his off time, he plays drums for the indie/surf rock band “Gringo" and is an avid outdoorsman, dabbling in everything from rock climbing to mountain biking. Colton's contagious smile and vast knowledge of the sport ensure clients a very rewarding and genuine experience with him.

Maciel “Mossy” Wolff

Mossy grew up on the central coast of California where his early passion for fly fishing was aimed at bass and bluegill living in local ponds. His horizons soon expanded as he started to explore trout streams and rivers from the Sierras to Montana and beyond. Maciel quickly realized that Northern California was home to the most impressive trout fishing opportunities he had ever seen, and since then has spent most of his free time exploring, and learning about the incredible this area of our state has to offer. A graduate of the Clearwater class of 2020 guide school, Maciel is also an avid fly tier and enjoys using every day as an opportunity to test new patterns and variations in hopes of fooling "the big one". When he isn't fishing, Mossy spends his time hunting and foraging the hills and swamps to expand his knowledge of all things outdoors. Most importantly, whether you are fishing hard all day long or getting dialed in on the casting pond, Maciel's top priority is that his guests are having lots of fun.

"You have created such a welcoming "home away from home." Every detail was appreciated and every kindness made me grateful. Our guide was knowledgeable and gentlemanly teacher with a positive attitude and respect for nature."

Marsha Malis

"We had a great time. You have an uncanny eye for the little amenities that make a stay so appealing. You genuinely care that your guests have the best possible experience."

Douglas Higgins

"What a beautiful experience you allowed us to have for the 3 days we spent at the Lodge. We hope to be back soon."

Joanne & Nunzio Alioto

"Clearwater Lodge is a piece of paradise! Very enjoyable and the fishing was great. I'll be back."

Jane Lyons Conover

"I am glad I learned how to fly fish. I learned from the best guides, Mike & John"


"We had a wonderful time staying at the Lodge and learning the art of fly fishing. You have created a new generation of anglers in our family and we hope to return to learn more."

Pat Caskey